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Subject: Re: Cooperative Collections Workshop


This is very exciting development. I look forward to the event. Please let me know what LC can do to support efforts at cooperation. As we look to developing new acquisitions system, there is the opportunity to ensure cooperative models of collection development and acquisitions are considered.

I would like to ask what sort of reports you use or could use to support such efforts. If you have examples from other systems please forward.

Carol L. Mitchell, PhD
Field Director
Islamabad Office
Library of Congress
>>> Mary Rader 04/13/10 12:28 PM >>>
[apologies for any duplication]


Please see the attached call for participation in the "Cooperative
Collection Development for South Asia Partnership Workshop" to be held
in conjunction with the Annual Conference on South Asia in Madison this
October. As mentioned at the recent CONSALD meeting in Philadelphia,
this workshop is intended to help us make choices and decisions about
our collection strategies that would ultimately strengthen and deepen
the national resources on South Asia.

To indicate interest in participating, or if you have any questions or
concerns, please contact any of the workshop organizers:

James Simon,
Mary Rader,
Bronwen Bledsoe,

We look forward to hearing from you and to working together on these
important and pressing issues.

Mary Rader
South Asia Bibliographer
Head, Memorial Library Collection and Liaison Services
University of Wisconsin

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