Journals Subcommittee

Constituted: March 2013


To provide a conduit between CONSALD and other organizations (JSTOR, BAS, others) to recommend, track, and promote South Asian content in electronic journal indexes and databases
Action items:

  • To develop criteria for selection and recommendation to journal indexes and databases.
  • To solicit input from librarians and scholars on desired titles and/or features for JSTOR, BAS, and other journal efforts.
  • To put forward routine calls to the membership for review of journal lists and/or desiderata (BAS fast-track, proposed JSTOR titles, etc) and to coordinate responses to outside organizations.
  • To coordinate information gathering on the presence of SA content in journal/database packages.
  • To provide feedback and support to ongoing indexing efforts and/or information portals (such as Wisconsin’s “Guide to the Indexing of South Asian Studies Periodicals”).


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