CONSALD Executive Board

An Executive Board of the Committee consists of three librarians elected by the membership-at-large, two faculty members appointed by the South Asian Council and three ex-officio librarian members. The Executive Board manages the activities of the Committee.

Current Chair: Mara Thacker (2017-2018)
Current Secretary: Jonathan Loar (2017-2018)

Librarian Representatives

  • Laura Ring, April 2012 - March 2018
  • Richard Lesage, April 2017-March 2020
  • Mara Thacker, April 2014-March 2020
  • Philip McEldowney, (ex-officio, SALNAQ/website)
  • Judy Alspach, (ex-officio, CRL)
  • Jonathan Loar (ex-officio, LC)

Faculty Representatives

  • Anne Murphy, 2017-2019
  • Dina Siddiqi, 2017-2018

Previous Representatives

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