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Subject: [Sacapcooperation-l] Cooperative Collection Development for South Asia Partnership Workshop


Thanks for expressing interest in participating in this fall's Cooperative Collection Development for South Asia Partnership Workshop! We're among good company; here's the list of folks who've indicated that they will participate in the workshop:

Center for Research Libraries (Judy Alspach)
Center for Research Libraries (James Simon)
Columbia University (Bindu Bhatt)
Cornell University (Bronwen Bledsoe)
Duke University/TRLN (Kristina Troost for the interim)
Emory University (Tim Bryson)
Library of Congress, Islamabad Field Office (Carol Mitchell)
Library of Congress, Washington (Allen Thrasher)
New York University (Aruna Magier)
Princeton University (Gary Hausman)
Syracuse University (Uma Sharma)
University of California-Berkeley (Adnan Malik)
University of California-Los Angeles (Liladhar Pendse)
University of Illinois (Rajwant Chilana)
University of Iowa (Edward Miner)
University of Michigan (Jeff Martin)
University of Minnesota (David Faust)
University of Virginia (Phil McEldowney)
University of Washington (Deepa Banerjee)
University of Wisconsin (Mary Rader)

In order not to clog CONSALD or SACAP lists, and more importantly to begin thinking and working as a group, we have created a new email list: (please note that the -l is a hyphen lowercase L, not a hyphen one). Please send me a quick response to this message so that I can confirm this group email worked for you.

Once we know that the email list is working, we'll begin sharing documents and discussion to keep us on track for real engagement come the fall--more soon!


Mary Rader
South Asia Bibliographer
Head, Memorial Library Collection and Liaison Services
University of Wisconsin

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