CONSALD Meeting 10/22/2015



October 22nd, 2015

University of Wisconsin Madison Sterling Memorial Library

Present: Mara Thacker (UIUC), Edward Proctor (Duke, UNC),
Todd Michelson-Ambelang (Wisconsin), Richard Lesage (Harvard), Laila Mulgaokar
(LC-Delhi), Zakir Hussain (LC-Islambad), Nur Sobers-Khan (British Library),
Jeff Martin (Michigan), Jim Nye (Chicago), Ryan Perkins (Stanford), Pushkar
Sohoni (Penn), Judy Alspach (CRL), Marion Frank-Wilson (Indiana), David Faust
(Minnesota), Mary Rader (Texas), Bronwen Bledsoe (Cornell), Karen Stoll Farrell
(Indiana), Sarah Calhoun (Yale), Gary Hausman (Columbia), Philip McEldowney
(Virginia), Anna Robinson (Washington U), David Hirsch (UCLA), Winn Wasson
(UIUC), Laura Ring (Chicago).

1.       SACAP Update by Laila Mulgaokar

a.       Resignations and retirements

                                                               i.      Dr. James H. Billington retired as Librarian of

1.       A bill was introduced that would limit term of
LC librarian to 10 years

                                                             ii.      Tibetan specialist, Pema Dorjee, is retiring but
hiring freeze will prevent from hiring a new one

1.       He is coming to US—contact Laila if you know of
a job for a Tibetan specialist

                                                            iii.      Punjabi cataloger is also retiring

                                                           iv.      Collection specialist who gets underground
materials is retiring, may be able to be used on a contractual basis

                                                             v.      Five retirements total and permission to fill
none of them

b.      Might be a government shutdown in December
[Illegal to furlough in overseas countries. 
Local Delhi staff will be paid and acquisitions will continue]

c.       LC Delhi office has suspended microfiche of
pamphlet collections

d.      Reduction in acquisitions for LC---30% reduction
in the past two years for LC (but not for participants)

e.      Some serials are cancelled as well—you can
request to have a list of cancelled serials sent to you

f.        Materials sent to participants were reduced by
8%, this was a result of the slow transition to OFORS, we will continue to
receive titles that are not being selected for LC

g.       As of now materials not acquired for LC will
continue to be cataloged

h.      Halved cataloging backlog by September, this was
due to being allowed to take a good deal of overtime

i.         3 new catalogers have completed their training
which has freed up time for reviewers

j.        Have hired previous LC rep for Bangladesh to
create IBCs

k.       Total number of pieces cataloged was 15,187

l.         OFORS

                                                               i.      Phase II of OFORS includes the Binding and
Shipping modules.  Contractor says that
development of Binding module should be complete by end of November.  No time line for development of Shipping
module (which will generate shipping lists for each participant)

                                                             ii.      Serials module update—there were no file
transfers of previous serials data from SCIMS to OFORS.  Delhi is only entering materials into OFORS
serials module when issue physically arrives

                                                            iii.      No timeline for when SACAP participants will
have a web interface.

                                                           iv.      The other four offices will implement OFORS in
FY 2016

                                                             v.      Some bib records no longer include the profile
number associated with a particular item; Laila will address this issue

                                                           vi.      The labels which used to be pasted on books have
been replaced by OFORS-generated receipt slips which fall out of the book;
Laila will address this issue

m.    Microfilm preservation

                                                               i.      Bought a new camera [$50,000.]

                                                             ii.      Produced over 2000 master negatives

                                                            iii.      Changed policy--- if an online gazette is
accepted as the official version in that country then they no longer film it
(this is happened for Sri Lanka and now India)

n.      If you are requesting help with acquiring a
particular book/material please make sure you don’t have a faculty member also
requesting the book directly from the publisher

Don’t give out Laila and Fehl’s email addresses
to writers but if a writer contacts you and the book is good you can email Fehl
or Laila yourself

Zakir Hussain CAPS Update LC Islamabad

a.       Offices have moved to US embassy compound as of
mid-April—new state of the art office space

b.      Transition between the directors from Carol Mitchell
to Pamela Howard-Reguindin

c.       Implementation of OFORS—India office has been
providing trainings and assistance

d.      Acquisitions remains stable, acquired about
57,000 pieces total for LC and participants, 30,000 for Participants and 26,550
for LC

                                                               i.      These figures will go down for LC in the next
fiscal year, but not for the participants

                                                             ii.      We can let them know if we would prefer that
they make these circulars or just have a note in the bib record that is not
selected for LC

1.       Email them to make your suggestion

e.      They have vendors, bib reps, and scheduled
acquisition trips

                                                               i.      No acquisition trips in Iran or Afghanistan,
only in Pakistan

                                                             ii.      Some Pakistan trips have been cancelled due to
security situations

                                                            iii.      8 acquisitions trips completed in the last year

                                                           iv.      There had been one vendor and one bib rep in
Afghanistan, they have terminated contract with bib rep

f.        Only one vendor in Iran

                                                               i.      There are some issues with DVD format, but there
is no way to change it

g.       Have been unable to get materials in Tajikistan
due to language barriers and insufficient staff—left up to Eastview to acquire
central Asian materials

h.      Cataloging

                                                               i.      Since 2013 have been working in RDA format

                                                             ii.      Submitted about 35 new subject headings, most
were approved by Washington

                                                            iii.      Cataloged more than 5,700 titles in the last fiscal

i.         Rural Sindh and northern area question—are we
still getting substantial coverage? What strategies will you take?

                                                               i.      They have one person who is helping with
northern areas and having some success, have a vendor in Sindh who is still
covering that area

j.        Afghanistan number of titles has dropped—will
email about it later, they are looking for someone to replace the bib rep

k.       Office has been harvesting Pakistani websites,
unclear whether they will be made available to CAPS participants (We can send a
list of these sites to whoever wants. 
Eventually the harvested sites will be available, but not at present.
Send an email to
if list is wanted.)

l.         Unclear whether efforts are being made to
preserve the digital gazettes now that print copies are no longer being filmed
by LC  (send pamelahr specific query and
she’ll investigate)

CONSALD Meeting [Laura Ring]

a.       Introductions

b.      Approval of Minutes

                                                               i.      Passed no opposition

c.       Honors

                                                               i.      Ed Miner left us for the LC field office in

                                                             ii.      Tim Bryson retired in September—CRL will
digitize a book from their holdings in his honor---we all wish him well!

1.       We should add a CONSALD bookplate and/or note in
digital record

                                                            iii.      We should also do something to honor Pema  Dorjee, maybe a plaque—Gary will contact
Lauren Hartley to identify a Tibetan book to be digitized in his honor

                                                           iv.      Mary will contact Tim to track down old CONSALD

d.      Treasury report— $480.78 is the balance

                                                               i.      At a future meeting we need to discuss how to
build back up coffers

                                                             ii.      Secretary used to be treasurer also

e.      SAMP Update with Judy Alspach

                                                               i.      Update on completed digitization projects

[Parsi sansar (2004-2012);

5 monographs from Afghanistan.

Afghan newspapers (some funded by MEMP)

Pakistan newspapers from Mastung (Balochistan)

                                                             ii.      Growing corpus of Afghanistan materials

                                                            iii.      Do some lobbying for CRL shared purchase program
to select Illustrated Weekly of India as one of their titles

                                                           iv.      Put on agenda for next meeting to discuss issue
of libraries that no longer do microfilming of materials in house and are
unable/unwilling to digitize certain materials (sometimes for copyright
reasons)---how to handle? Some of these materials need preservation. Possible
workaround- should institutions then give money to CRL who is able to

f.        DSAL Update with Jim Nye

                                                               i.      There was an intern over the summer who assisted
with the digitization and organization of materials already underway for
availability in DSAL [Stribodh; Sundari subodh; Cinema song books]

                                                             ii.      Some work with maps and mapping [pre-1947 Survey
of India] ---progress has been made [have started digitization of maps with
scale 1 inch to 1 mile; ½ inch : 1 mile not started yet].  These maps will be available via the Luna
system (will be downloadable in 400dpi)

1.       Should be available within a year

                                                            iii.      Have been working to create Android apps for
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia—makes it possible to download the lexical
data, these are still in beta testing so not available live in Google Play

                                                           iv.      Moving to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance

g.       South Asia Language Resource Center—at this
point only available in the internet archive, use the Way Back Machine

                                                               i.      Item to think about collectively and add to next
agenda--- how do we support preserving and making available language
instruction materials?

                                                             ii.      Appoint working group to discuss this: Mary
Rader, Jim Nye, Sarah Calhoun, Karen Stoll Farrell

1.       Will report back in Spring

h.      Nur Sobers-Khan update on British Library South
Asia collections and special projects

                                                               i.      Been in post for 3 months

                                                             ii.      Discussion of the collection

                                                            iii.      Sinhalese collection is an issue because
colonial law of legal deposit was never repealed so they are still receiving
new manuscripts but there is no curator

1.       Might want to contact Sarah Calhoun for assistance

                                                           iv.      Discussion of current projects, i.e. Mewar
Ramayana project, the process of trying to scan and make electronic catalog
records from the card catalogs and scripts for pre-1983 printed materials, BL’s
crowdsourcing platform (libcrowds) to transcribe titles and shelf marks

                                                             v.      Future projects discussion, i.e. “Two Centuries
of Indian Print 1713-1914” project, reunification of Archaeological Survey of
India material, Kolkata augmented reality app (part of Envisioning the Indian
City Project)

                                                           vi.      Will send a copy of her slide show to CONSALD

i.         Karen Stoll Farrell and Marion Frank-Wilson
discuss Area Studies Librarianship Course

                                                               i.      To address recruitment issue

                                                             ii.      Will be an online course offered to IU and
non-IU students

                                                            iii.      Taught in first time in 2015 as an in-person course

                                                           iv.      Forthcoming “issue brief” about the course

j.        Mara Thacker, Outreach presentation

                                                               i.      Report on experiment in which Mara harvested
CONSALD members websites to see how much news-worthy content was being
generated in the last two months

                                                             ii.      It should be easy to maintain a simply blog or
Tumblr because we already generate a lot of content

                                                            iii.      Group would like to try to share news via blog,
but some reservations based on past failure of CONSALD members to share news on

                                                           iv.      We should share blog and news outside of our
membership such as via the H-Asia list

                                                             v.      Executive Committee will run an experimental
year of the blog, Mara will take lead with Laura Ring’s assistance

k.       BAS Update/Journals subcommittee report shared
by David Hirsch

                                                               i.      AAS has signed hosting contact with EBSCO for
BAS—announcement is forthcoming

                                                             ii.      SALToC update: lots of contributions coming in;
NYU hoping to upgrade to DSpace
version 5 to allow for easier editing. New contributors welcome!

                                                            iii.      JStor update: Jason is willing to consider
ceased titles if we help him make contact with copyright holders. Fehl Cannon
of LC New Delhi has agreed unofficially to assist with this. The subcommittee
proposed the following five titles for inclusion in JSTOR (based on prior
polling of members):




Bulletin of the Institute of

Traditional Cultures

University of Madras

Ceased in 1994

Indian Political Science Review

University of Delhi, Department of Political Science

Ceased in 1985

Indo-British Review

Indo-British Historical Society

Ceased in 1990s

Islamic Culture (Hyderabad)

Academic and Cultural Publications Charitable Trust

Ceased in 2004

Modern Review

Prabasi Press Private Ltd.

Ceased in 1995

l.         SAMP Open Archives Discussion

                                                               i.      History of the SAMP OAC plan document

                                                             ii.      Discussion of priorities for digitization

                                                            iii.      Middle of next week a final version of plan will
go out to everyone on SAMP list

m.    Round Robin

                                                               i.      As discussed

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