[Consald-l] New draft website 10/12/10


As you know, Samip, Philip, and I have been working intermittently on loading the old website to a commercial web host and on designing a new website.  The site is based on a platform callec Drupal
which is very flexible and very tweakable down to the least detail which is great but also time-consuming to set up and administer.  We now have a draft substantial enough to ask for your review and comment.  I will present it in person to those of you coming
to Madison. 
The old site still resides at consald.org.  Once we get a consensus that it is ready, we will move the draft site to the consald.org address.  Currently the draft new site sits in a subfolder here:
The major questions we would like to raise relate to content.  The visual design -- e.g., which links to list, where to put the links on the page, how many columns to have, what image, if any, to place on the header
-- can be separated from content issues in a platform like Drupal.  We can change the visual design to adapt to the content and to user preferences.  I can show you different theme options -- color schemes, etc. -- at Madison, to give you a sense for the differences. 
Here are the major content questions:

  1. We assumed our major audiences would be ourselves (librarians) and scholars in South Asian Studies and that the site would provide information about resources similar to what SALNAQ tried to do in the print format.  Do you
  2. The site is divided tentatively into two corresponding sections on the assumption that certain CONSALD communications, projects, and interests would not be appropriate to the other audience, e.g., only SACAP Cooperative members
    can see the SACAP Material content; only CONSALD members can see CONSALD-l posts, etc..  Do you agree? 
    BTW, if you want to login to see the content we've started to compile that is accessible only to CONSALD or SACAP Cooperative members, email me and I'll send you your personal login/password. 

  3. The sections can always be merged and the content that requires restricted access can be hidden from public view.  In any case, please review the various subcategories under those two sections.  Do they make sense?  Do you
    have suggestions?
  4. As you can see, we've carved out a huge territory to cover.  Much of the content can be automated via RSS feeds, listservs, canned searches, etc.  Much would still require manual entry, so our assumption is that CONSALD members
    -- and maybe other authenticated users once we get going -- would be willing to contribute content to these different sections and not leave it to just one or two.  That would require some instruction on how to contribute or edit content.  Is that a fair assumption? 
  5. One of the benefits of the new website is the ability to host online discussion forums.  RISA, however, had to close itself off to the general public because of abuse.  Should we attempt to host open forums or hold off or offer
    carefully moderated public forums?  If the latter, someone or some group of people would have to take on the responsibility of moderating the posts. 



Tim Bryson
South Asian Studies and Religious Studies
Digital Librarians Initiative
Woodruff Library
540 Asbury Circle NE
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322

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