Draft site proposal 10/14/10

Proposed Site Plan
South Asia Conference, 10/14/10
(to be revised in light of comments)

  1. Basic info

    1. Characteristics

      1. Static (doesn't change much)
      2. "Page" Content type
      3. Visible to anyone
      4. Menu location: "Primary Links" (top of every page)
    2. Proposed menu items / pages
      1. "About"

        1. Content: describes CONSALD e.g., mission
        2. Links to board member list
        3. Links to Bylaws
        4. Links to History
        5. Links to Projects
      2. "Contact" (a web form that generates email)
        1. I recommend setting up one or more mailboxes on bluehost. 
        2. They're free and can be generic, e.g., chair@consald.org
      3. "Members"
        1. Content: Why and How to join
        2. Links to Member Directory
          1. Technical notes

            1. Recommend use of User Profile and Views modules
            2. Members input info via web form into "user profile" fields, e.g., name, email, institution, web page url's, etc.
            3. Use Views to create sortable table from these fields
            4. Geotag locations to generate map of libraries?
        3. Links to a Consortia list page
  2. Content Internal to CONSALD: Access by default is restricted to CONSALD members.  Each post, however, can be made visible to other groups on the site or the general public by checking appropriate "audience" boxes in the "Groups" section in the edit interface of each post.

    1. CONSALD Listserv : email posts copied to website automatically.
    2. Meeting Reports
      1. Meeting agendas and minutes
      2. Meeting photos
    3. Member surveys e.g., on collections, researcher/user preferences, practices, e.g., user stats for print journals. 
      1. Old surveys can be posted as pages.
      2. New polls or surveys can be done via Web Form module
    4. SACAP profiles and issues
    5. Other vendors : directory and reviews
    6. Collaborative projects
      1. Journal indexing
      2. Cataloging
      3. Acquisitions
  3. Content for South Asia Scholars: Resource reviews, guides directories, etc

    1. Resource reviews and queries
      1. Blog with comments?
      2. Revival of SALNAQ as online newsletter?
      3. Archive of SALNAQ: searchable and browsable
      4. Reviews: Follow Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library field template -- to wit, Self-description, site contents, Internet Archive url (if any), Resource Type, Publisher, Scholarly Usefulness, # External Links to the resource, Reported by?
    2. RSS feeds from major journals, blogs.
      1. Technical Note : some feeds e.g., WWW Asian Monitor, do not work in Feed Aggregator but do work with FeedAPI module.
    3. Guides: consolidated libguide and/or links to individual libguides?
    4. Journals: lists, BAS, TOC alerts
    5. Bibliographies: link to RISA bibliographies? canned search links to WorldCat? Create Zotero group library?
    6. Directories, esp. SARAI (copy here if no longer being maintained or if David would like CONSALD assistance and if Columbia amenable?)
    7. Syllabi
    8. Primary source collections that could be used to generate "Digital Learning Objects" e.g., powerpoint or  pdf's like Omeka.
      1. Archival documents
      2. Image collections
      3. Presentations, e.g., podcasts
      4. Exhibits
      5. Maps
    9. Google Custom Search Engine?
    10. Databases: reviews. 
    11. Tools
      1. Create interactive timelines, embedding videos and images, using MIT's Simile Project's Exhibit program
      2. Create our own aggregation of collections like NINES.org does for nineteenth century collections?
        1. www.archive.org for old video clips
        2. loc.gov for World Digital Archive
        3. icue.com for old NBC news video clips
  4. Site Map

    1. Primary Links (top of page)
    2. Navigation panel (left side)
    3. Site Map module generates list of blogs, stories, etc with tag links and RSS links
  5. Social/Interactivity options

    1. At bottom of each story, have a line with options to send email, print, comment, share (opens list of standard social media, e.g., twitter, Delicious, Digg, Facebook Linked In, Mixx, Reddit -- see http://chronicle.com/blog/ProfHacker/27/)
    2. Create and link to CONSALD Twitter and Facebook pages
  6. Old Site pages

    1. Option 1: copy each one manually into new site.  Advantage is they will be in new site format.
    2. Option 2: copy all files into new site files directory using Dreamweaver and globally change base url.  Advantage is less manual intervention.