Site Administrators' Journal 10/20/10->

Notes for Site Administrator(s), starting 10/20/10


  • Robots.txt

    • Located in newsite root
    • Added following line near top:
    • Disallow: /
    • Remove when ready to be indexed by search engines.

To Do's

  • Theming (design)

    • Theme css
      • Methodology

        • Identify css with Firebug, make changes in appropriate css file
        • Option 1: Created copy of Danblog subtheme and tested changes in css
        • Option 2 (better):Activated Danland/local.css per Danland instructions and tested changes
      • Changes
        • Done: Adjusted left padding to zero
        • Use Marinelli theme background image and border css
    • Banner images
      • Installed Danland/Danblog theme: Created banner image slideshow in Views and added to left preface region from Blocks admin page.
      • Created wider size: changed imagecache settings
      • Added image with text
    • Favicon and Logo
      • Restore elephant favicon: Done
      • Clean up elephant logo
    • Taxonomy term display: add Tags header inline like Marinelli theme
    • Changed navigation panel title to "Contents" from username (added title in block admin for Navigation menu block)
  • Users:
    • Set up Polls to get user feedback on new/alternative elements
  • Searching
    • Set up Google Custom Search Engine for CONSALD libraries' research guides
    • Install Apache Solr module for faceted search and stats?
    • Install Atomz, for stats (Edward Proctor's recommendation 10/26/10)?
  • Content Management
    • Add photo field to member directory
    • Explore display of sacapcooperative spreadsheet, e.g., via sheetnode module or using Views
    • Configure FCKeditor file manager to enable server file search
    • Add resource review content type with fields based on Asian Studies WWW Monitor template.
    • Added printer-friendly/send email options to nodes with Print module
  • Site Administration: Add more site admins, e.g., for sacapcooperative group



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Group content visibility: 
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