CONSALD Meeting 3/25/2010

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CONSALD Meeting: Philadelphia, PA. Thursday, March 25, 2010.

Attendees:Carol Mitchell (LC), Jeff Martin (Michigan), James Simon (CRL), Mary Rader (Wisconsin), Uma Sharma (Syracuse), Adnan Malik (Berkeley), Deepa Bannerjee (Washington), Bindu Bhatt (Columbia), James Nye (Chicago), Samip Mallick (Chicago), Allen Thrasher (LC), Gerald Hall (CRL-DSAL), Rich Richie (Yale), Bronwen Bledsoe (Cornell), Sam Wright (Washington University)
Notes by Sam Wright.
Round Robin
Notes for the first part of the meeting are not available.
Call for Election to Executive Committee:
Members voted on a new member to the Exec Committee. Sam Wright was elected to the committee.
Constitution Amendment
On discussion and voting, Article IV of the constitution was amended to read:
Officers and Executive Board
An Executive Board of the Committee shall consist of three librarians elected by the membership-at-large, two faculty members appointed by the South Asian Council and three ex-officio librarian members. The ten member Executive Board shall manage the activities of the Committee.
JSTOR Update:
Mary Rader discussed that JSTOR is developing an ‘Asian Subset’ for its database. They have contacted her about CONSALD’s opinion on their selections. Should we make group recommendations? How should we proceed in working with JSTOR? It is decided that the CONSALD exec committee will send out the list to CONSALD and coordinate with JSTOR. Mary R. emphasized that JSTOR is ready to go ahead with the subset, so a group response is need quickly.
DSAL Update – Jim Nye, Samip Mallick, Jerry Hall, James Simon
CRL and DSAL have been awarded a TICFIA grant.
Jerry discussed the new DSAL server, planning for a new website design with a Drupal CMS. Linguistic survey of India project has finished 9,000 sound recordings and 8,000 maps are digitized. Also, post-cards from Shaw’s collection is digitized. URL for LInguisitc survey will be up in the near future.
Indexing of Journals (DSAL)
Project is locating overseas resources full indexing work. Basic data is being outsourced. RMRL is handling Tamil, Nepali is at MPP, and Bengali material is at CSSSC. Currently up to 40,000 records. James Simon mentioned that the title-list will be sent to the list serve in the near future.
Last delivery of records from the Bengal Library Catalog Quaterly 1867-1935 is up. Jim Nye stated that partnerships are welcome.
Bibliography of Asian Studies – Aruna Magier and Daivd Magier
Update on Indexing and discussion of what is new in BAS. Aruna gave a brief history of BAS along with current staffing levels. Approximately 200 libraries are subscribing. Aruna discussed the functionality of BAS such as ‘Find It @ Your Library’ link. Importantly, anything pre-1971 is still in paper form—future projects may change this. Unicode compatibility is also being planned. Aruna stated that any help would be appreaciated especially in sending via fax or pdf TOC of recent journal titles.
New Journals in BAS
1)      Indian Journal of Human Development
2)      Journal of Gender and Social Issues
3)      South Asia Screen Studies (Calcutta) [fast-track]
4)      Indian Journal of the History of Science [fast-track]
5)      Indian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (Calcutta) [fast-track]
South Asia Periodical Report – Sam Wright
Presentation of report on discoverability and availability of South Asian language periodical titles. Comparison with Worldcat holdings and examination of ILL between CONSALD members. Report posted at:
South Asian Language Journal Database – Sam Wright
Presentation of journal database under development for South Asian language periodical titles. Sam emphasized that it is in the very early stages and that no list of journals for the databases has been created. Still working on the functionality of the database.
Meeting was adjourned


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