CONSALD Meeting 10/20/2011

Minutes of the Meeting -- Fall 2011
Conference on South Asia
Thursday, October 20, 2011
2:00-6:00 pm
University of Wisconsin
Memorial Library (room 126)

1. Present
2. Executive Committee
3. Budget
4. Consald Website
5. Consald Honors
6. Round Robin
7. Bibliography of Asian Studies Presentation
8. Oraganizations - SAMP/CRL, DSAL, South Asia Union Catalog, SAADA
9. Ebooks

1. Present: Judy Alspach (CRL), Deepa Banerjee (Washington), Bronwen Bledsoe (Cornell), Merry Burlingham (Texas), Tim Bryson (Emory), Sarah Calhoun (Yale), David Faust(Minnesota), Jerry Hall (DSAL), Gary Hausman (Princeton), David Hirsch (UCLA), Philip McEldowney (Virginia), Jeff Martin (Michigan), Carol Mitchell (LC-Isla), Laila Mulgaokar (LC-Delhi), David Magier (Princeton), Aruna Magier (NYU), Samip Mallick (Chicago), Edward Miner (Iowa), Edward Proctor (Duke), Mary Rader (Wisconsin), Rich Richie (Yale), Laura Ring(Chicago),Urmila Sharma (Syracuse), James Simon (CRL), Andrea Singer (Indiana), Pushkar Sohoni ( Penn), Allen Thrasher (Library of Congress)

2. James Simon opened the session by introducing CONSALD Executive Committee

CONSALD executive Committee

  • Chair - James Simon (Ex Officio, CRL)
  • Secretary - Deepa Banerjee (Washington)
  • At-Large - Jeff Martin (Michigan)
  • At-Large - Edward Proctor (Duke/TRLN)
  • Ex Officio - Allen Thrasher (LC)
  • Ex Officio - Philip McEldowney (Virginia)

3. James gave a brief budget report provided by AAS. Budget stayed the same for CONSALD, roughly $250. CONSALD paid $250 to move to a new Web hosting site.

There was a discussion about the introduction of a fee structure to support ongoing costs (such as Web maintenance fees) and potential other committee opportunities. James proposed an annual fee of 20 dollars. Bronwen suggested a larger sum. Issues presented included how to collect fees, how to recognize membership support (bylaws amendment?), and whether one has to be an AAS member in order to be a CONSALD member. James will ballot the issue to the entire membership after the meeting.


As discussed in the last two meetings, Tim Bryson had managed to migrate old CONSALD site to Drupal based new site. James Simon mentioned that the new site had a lot of unfinished features. James presented a streamlined version of CONSALD website migration plan followed by a discussion of what contents of the site should remain public and what should be password protected. The CONSALD Executive Committee ranked these resources in order of preference to come up with a final list of ranked resources to be added to CONSALD site. Resource recommendations were as follows:

  • Bibliographies
  • Digital Collection (listsand Reviews of Digital Collection)
  • Directories, Guides (Resource Guides)
  • Journals (databases and indexes) and
  • Publishers (Major publishers in SAStudies)

Urmila Sharma from Syracuse suggested addition of statistical resources. Sarah Calhoun from Yale mentioned that she had been looking into various Research Guides and that CONSALD site can direct users to these guides rather than creating its own Research guide. Edward Miner wanted to clarify if the site was significantly different from SARAI. Mary Rader suggested resource recommendations for building a collection and reference tools for South Asian Librarians such as transliteration tables, reviews of digital resources, list of new subject headings etc. Carol Mitchell suggested addition of cataloging resources.

There was also a discussion of what resources on the site needed to be password protected. Examples include discussion pages on journal indexing, digitizing and cataloging issues, image galleries, website administration issues etc.

Tim Bryson said that a lot of continuous effort is needed to maintain the site probably on a weekly basis. Tim has kindly agreed to be a temporary administrator.


Jim Nye is now a grandfather of twin boys (Daughter's sons).

David Hirsch is back at UCLA and is handling South Asia.

Pushkar Sohoni is the new SA Studies Librarian at University of Pennsylvania.

David Faust has now taken the responsibility of Middle East and East Asia section.

Laura Ring has been promoted as a cataloger and South Asian Librarian at the University of Chicago Libraries. She has expertise in Hindi and Urdu languages.

Rajwant Chilana has announced his retirement from UIUC. The "Encyclopedia of Sikh Literature" will be digitized by CRL to honor Rajwant's contributions to South Asian Studies and Librarianship.

Allen Thrasher is also retiring soon. Allen has been with Library of Congress since 1984. Because of his expertise in Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy, and Medicine - the early work "Chakra Samhita" has been selected to be digitized to honor his many contributions to South Asian Studies and librarianship.

Angrea Singer will be the next to retire. She has been with Indiana University Libraries since 1977. Due to Andrea's interest in Tibetan material, a Tibetan play (in several languages) will be digitized to honor her professional contributions as a South Asian Librarian.


  • Bronwen Bledsoe, Cornell University, said that the loss of Title VI has not impacted the South Asian collection yet, since both the Library and the University have stepped in with interim supplements to the reduced NRC monies. There is however concern about the academic program, particularly little-taught languages with low enrollments. Cornell's Sinhala program could be at risk. Bronwen also made an announcement for Cornell's 2CUL partner Columbia, reminding everyone that the SA Librarian position there had been reposted, and urging anyone who might be interested to apply.
  • David Magier, Princeton University, informed that there is a gradual growth in South Asian Studies program in Princeton. The program now has Hindi and Urdu instructors and a number of visiting scholars. The library budget has been flat for the last couple years and more money is being allocated for Sciences. There has been a 5% budget increase for Area Studies acquisitions. The South Asian collection is expanding but the library will take a careful approach and workout consortial arrangements. Very committed to reduce duplication.
  • Aruna Magier, NYU, stated that South Asian program at NYU is multidisciplinary in focus. The library is taking steps to cater to the changing needs. The library is doing ok budget wise. Aruna is looking into the possibility of subscribing Times of India backfiles and India Office files. She continues to work on South Asian documentary collection. The NYU library might be sharing their DVD collection with Columbia.
  • Gary Hausman, Princeton University, is working on expanding SA Legal Studies Collection.
  • David Faust, University of Minnesota, said that their institution is not a recipient of Title VI funding. Library's focus is on Information Literacy and Scholarly Communications. There is less emphasis on collection development. Libraries effort to catalogue donated items is proving t be a long battle.
  • Edward Miner, University of Iowa, said that the there has been a 5% increase in overall acquisitions budget and 4% increase in South Asian Section budget. The budget has been consistent for the last 11 years. The Library has purchased Times of India backfiles . The Geography Department has a new Study Abroad program which sent several students to India. The Library maintains access to EPW through Proxy server rather than IP addresses. Library is also moving towards Patron Driven Acquisition realm.
  • Allen Thrasher, Library of Congress, announces that there won't be any replacement for his position. LC has stopped acquiring Microfiche positives. LC is saving money on salaries rather than acquisitions. The library is considering furlough for a week or two.
  • Jeff Martin, University of Michigan, mentioned that the library is experiencing flat budget. There is some support for South Asia program. The library administration is viewing Area Studies Collection as Special Collection.

7. Bibliography of Asian Studies Presentation - Aruna Magier
Aruna gave a brief overview of BAS including the indexing strategies of BAS. She mentioned that Bas now has a new interface and an integrated discovery system with faceted browsing. She demonstrated the functions of a new BAS interface. Examples included narrowing your search by using navigation bar on the left. Aruna on behalf of BAS is happy to take recommendations from CONSALD members, Faculty and publishers.

8. Organizations:
Judy Alspach, CRL/SAMP mentioned the names of current faculty and librarian representative for SAMP(Rebecca Manning and David Faust) and invited CONSALD members to nominate themselves for upcoming SAMP election.

DSAL - Jerry Hall
Due to TICFIA funding cut DSAL will not be extending the grant cycle. The work will continue till the end of the grant cycle. Digitization of map and audio project may not move ahead due to funding cut although 800 recordings will be digitized. Jerry has completed adding metadata to the postcards that have been digitized.

South Asian Union Catalog - Laura Ring
SAUC has provided opportunities for collaboration. Some of the SAUC cataloging records can't be uploaded in OCLC. SAUC is looking into ways for making those records available. Laura mentioned that a deal is being worked out with Jadavpur University and National Library for the digitization and preservation of Bengali books.

SAADA Update: Samip Mallick
Discussed new additions to SAADA site such as Watumull Family collection and Free Hindustan.

9. E-books from South Asia
There was a discussion of the SA ebook trends, publishers of commercially produced ebooks and the institutions/libraries that are buying these books. There was also a discussion of how these ebooks can be shared by consortia.

The meeting was adjourned.

Notes submitted by Deepa Banerjee, March 4, 2012.

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