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Subject: Re: [Consald-l] Film Vendors (Again!)
Date: 2013-10-09 08:51
From: "Aruna P. Magier"
To: "Thacker, Mara"
Cc: "CONSALD \(consald-l@library.wisc.edu\)

hi Mara,

Assuming that you are talking about feature films, Amazon, Bhavani DVDs
[5] and Eros [6] are a few sources that are worth trying; also if you
are not in a rush, you can get some films from LC New Delhi/Islamabad.

best wishes,

On Oct 9, 2013, at 10:36 AM, Thacker, Mara wrote:

> Hello CONSALDians,
> I thought I had discovered the solution to my film ordering needs in
> Induna.com [1], but alas that is not the case and they have failed to
> fill a rather large order we attempted to place many months ago. There
> are a handful of more “general”, US-based vendors that can get the top
> Blockbuster Indian films but I’m still looking for a reliable vendor
> with a large selection that can get films other than the top hits and
> in languages other than Hindi. Any suggestions? Thank you for your
> help!
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> Administration
> International and Area Studies Library
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> mthacker@illinois.edu
> Follow us: facebook.com/iaslibrary [2] | twitter.com/iaslibrary [3]
> Calendar of Availability [4]

[1] http://Induna.com
[2] http://facebook.com/iaslibrary
[3] http://twitter.com/iaslibrary
[5] http://www.bhavanidvd.com/
[6] http://dvdstore.erosentertainment.com/product/bollywoodlist.asp

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