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Subject: Re: [Consald-l] Foreign Office Files by Adam Matthews Digital
Date: 2013-10-08 12:56
From: Aruna P Magier
To: Deepa Banerjee
Cc: consald
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hi Deepa,

A couple of years back, I got these for our faculty and students at
NYU. The faculty and grad students from various departments
(particularly, history, politics and media) are using them well and are
very happy that we got them. They are even referring their undergrads
sometimes to this resource for their term papers and so on. I think
setting up a trial, circulating this widely among your faculty and
students and getting their feedback on the usefulness of this resource
is a good approach.  Even non-South Asia specific scholars working on
international relations during the Cold War are also finding this
resource useful as the scope goes beyond just India, Afghanistan,
Pakistan and Bangladesh.

best wishes,

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 1:53 PM, Deepa Banerjee

> Sorry for posting this again after editing subject line.
>> Dear  Consald members,
>> Want to know what you think  about Adam Matthews Digital's Foreign
>> Office Files. What do you think about this resource? Is it heavily
>> used at your institution? I am thinking of setting up a trial to write
>> a grant.
>> Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
>> Deepa Banerjee
>> South Asian Studies Librarian
>> Reference and Research Services
>> University of Washington Libraries
>> Phone: 206-685-1433 [1]

[1] tel:206-685-1433

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