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FYI, from Columbia (with apologies to Gary for the presumptive forward).

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Dear colleagues,

Columbia University Libraries announces the launch of a new resource.

AMESA: Directory of Scholars of Africa, The Middle East, and South Asia


This free online international directory will contain records of individuals who have identified themselves as being involved in any aspect of scholarship in the fields of African Studies, Middle Eastern Studies or South Asian Studies.

Since the mid-1990s, Columbia University Libraries sponsored three online International Directories of African Studies, Middle East Studies, and South Asian Studies Scholars, otherwise known as IDASS, IDMES, and IDSAS. AMESA is meant to replace these separate directories.

The new AMESA site is designed to allow scholars to submit online their own entries and view and edit existing entries. All submitted entries and edits are checked by the staff of the Global Studies Division of Columbia University Libraries and then posted in a timely fashion.

Please inform your colleagues, faculty, doctoral students, and other advanced scholars and invite them to contribute their entries.

Thank you,
Yuusuf Caruso
African Studies Librarian, Columbia University

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