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Please find the UTL Round Robin update for this week's CONSALD. Please share as appropriate with the group. Have a great meeting,

The following is the University of Toronto Libraries' contribution to the CONSALD Round-Robin report

Our acquisitions through Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Book Programme and the well-established approval plans remain stable. We also received new donations including Sanskrit and Buddhism Studies materials from the late Professor Emeritus A.K. Warder's estate and the Alexander MacDonald Collection of Tibetan manuscripts and materials. Alexander Macdonald was an important scholar for Tibetan and Himalayan studies. The collection contains 17 manuscripts and 100 printed texts, dating between 17th -20th century, mainly in Tibetan, with some works in English.

Beginning in January 2013, the University of Toronto Libraries launched a one-year pilot project of an innovative partnership in Tibetan Studies with Columbia University Libraries. Columbia University's Tibetan Studies Librarian, Dr. Lauran Hartley, will lead the work of coordinating Tibetan-language acquisitions at Columbia and the University of Toronto working in cooperation with the Head of Collection Development for the University of Toronto Libraries, Caitlin Tillman, and Stephen Qiao, head, and Hana Kim at Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library. This project will include jointly sponsored acquisitions trips to enhance the Tibetan collections at both universities.
Media Release, University of Toronto Department for the Study of Religion:
An interview with Lauran Hartley in Columbia Spectator, the campus student paper:

Personnel: In the coming year, the University of Toronto Libraries and the University of Toronto at Mississauga Library plan to hire a Librarian for South Asian Studies for both campuses who will develop both collections and support research at both centres.

Public outreach: In July-August 2013, Robarts Library housed an exhibition "Windows to Buddhism in the Academy". It featured "publications on Buddhism available at the University of Toronto Libraries in science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, literature, religion and women's studies ... to see Buddhism beyond religion, temples and meditation". The exhibition was presented by the Buddhist Council of Canada and curated by Professor Suwanda H. J. Sugunasiri, with suggestions for selection also provided by Stephen Qiao, Acting Director of East Asian Library, and Lana Soglasnova, Interim South Asian Studies Liaison Librarian.

Lana Soglasnova
Slavic Cataloguing Supervisor
Liaison: Linguistics
Interim Liaison: South Asian Studies
Robarts Library, University of Toronto
130 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 1A5
Phone: 416 978-0487
Email: svetlana.soglasnova@utoronto.ca

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