[Consald-l] CONSALD Journals Subcommittee report (October, 2013)

Dear CONSALD colleagues,

On behalf of the CONSALD journals subcommittee (James Simon, Jeff Martin, David Hirsch, Laura Ring, and myself), I wanted to share with you the following updates of information on South Asian journals in general. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the Madison conference this year; James and Jeff have kindly agreed to present these updates and also to introduce a proposal for a CONSALD distributed/cooperative South Asian language TOC journals pilot project (described under 'C' in my notes below) for expanding article-level discovery in regional languages. We are very eager to hear from you and are happy to incorporate your ideas, suggestions and feedback on the these updates. We are also hoping that we will be able to expand our conversations on the proposed pilot project by follow-up email correspondence and at our meeting during the AAS conference in Philadelphia in 2014. Meanwhile, please have a look at the draft outline Word document attached here that gives an overview of the proposed project. [My apologies that you are getting this info just a couple of days before the meeting].

A. UPDATES: Full-text South Asian journals coverage:

As you know, CONSALD has been engaged for several years in conversations with JSTOR to suggest titles for them to consider. Our Subcommittee discussed the possibilities of asking JSTOR to expand into coverage of South Asian language journals. Some of our members expressed a concern about how JSTOR might "package" South Asian language journals. For example, they might treat them as separate, "boutique" products, such as the Hebrew titles sold separately at high prices. It is worth trying to find out from JSTOR if they would consider these language journals and how they might package and sell them (as part of the regular JSTOR subject packages, or with some kind of nominal price increase?). Over the summer, I met with JSTOR representatives and raised the general question of expanding South Asia coverage. They expressed interest in exploring this and would welcome further specific English-language title suggestions from CONSALD. They also indicated some level of interest in exploring South Asian language journals as well, though it is not a current priority for JSTOR.

On October 1, ProQuest announced a new full-text journal package called ProQuest Indian Journals. Tim Bryson launched a trial access for Emory University, and downloaded the title list to explore the coverage. The list (circulated to CONSALD on October 7th) included 162 titles, mostly in fields of science, technology and medicine, with some business/finance titles, and a small number of social science and humanities titles. Other South Asia journals and magazines (mainly from India) are included in other ProQuest products, and should be explored comprehensively by CONSALD or our Subcommittee.

B. UPDATES: Indexing and article-level access

BAS update:
Abdus Salam of LoC Islamabad office has been regularly providing scanned tables of contents of a growing range of Pakistani journals enabling broader coverage in the BAS. Recently added titles include:

Central Asia (Peshawar)
Journal of Asian Civilizations (Islamabad)
Pakistan Development Review (Islamabad)
Pakistan Horizon (Karachi)
Regional Studies (Islamabad)
South Asian Journal (Lahore)
South Asian Studies (Lahore)

The editors of some other Pakistani titles (including ISSRA Papers [Institute for Strategic Studies, Research & Analysis, National Defence University, Islamabad]; Journal of Gender and Social Issues [Rawalpindi], and Margalla Papers [National Defence University, Islambad]) are also directly supplying ToC scans for indexing into the BAS.

C. NEW PROPOSAL: CONSALD Distributed/Cooperative South Asian Language ToC Pilot Project

The CONSALD Journals Subcommittee started to explore some ideas for a low-cost distributed process for expanding article-level discovery of South Asian language journals via ToC (Table of Contents) scanning to provide online browsing. While such an approach falls short of the full intellectual access and granular discovery that full indexing would provide, it does give incremental discovery value for a very low investment of effort or infrastructure. The concept would not include any special REQUEST or DELIVERY mechanism, just a simple interface for clicking to see and browse (not search) the tables of contents of issues of the target journals. I attach here a draft outline of the project for review by CONSALD members at large, to gauge the level of interest in pursuing such a project on a group basis. Although I myself will be absent, I hope the group, facilitated by James and Jeff, can discuss this and give some initial reactions at the Madison meeting. Please see the attachment.

Many thanks!

Aruna P. Magier
Chair, Journals Subcommittee
South Asia Librarian
Mezzanine M02
Elmer H. Bobst Library
New York University
70 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012


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