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By a vote of 11 to 1, I'm opting to begin the CONSALD meeting at 1:00p
on Thursday. Please note it in your calendars. We'll try not to let it
eke past 5:00, giving everyone a chance to put on their dinner wear. I
had 11 respondents for dinner, and we'll provide more information on
the day of event.

Thanks, all!

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Given that the Library of Congress will not be in attendance at the
Madison meetings, I would like to propose we move up the CONSALD
meeting time to occur 1:00-5:00 (instead of our customary 2:00 start).
However, this might muck with travel plans, so I've put together a
very short survey regarding your preference. Please take 1 minute to
fill out the questionnaire at:


Included is information on a group dinner option, since Carol will not
be able to host us from afar.

Please respond by c.o.b. Monday, 10/14. Thanks!!!

James Simon
Director of International Resources
Center for Research Libraries
6050 South Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 USA

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