[Consald-l] Other web crawling

This year, the Library of Congress Overseas offices — Pakistan, New
Delhi, Jakarta, and Cairo — worked together on project to collect
Islamist/Islamic political web sites.

I think this will be important collection because we were able to
capture sites during an time in the Middle East that had repercussions
across the Muslim world.

I would like to point out that a problem that I think is growing. More
smaller organizations are dispensing with paid URL websites (their own
unique hosted website) in favor of YouTube, Facebook, and other social
media. Even now with YouTube still banned in Pakistan, there are videos
being shared across new websites. Social media sites are much harder to
collect and archive. The Library collects Twitter
but not sure of use restrictions and there are some questions about
indexing and creating access.

Carol L. Mitchell, PhD
Field Director
Islamabad Office
Library of Congress


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