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Of interest to those moving to "web scale" discovery systems, such as Primo

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Good morning,

Several months ago, we asked why the Bibliography of Asian Studies was not
included in the Primo Central index. I received the following response from
Ex Libris Publisher Relations last week:

"When we reviewed this collection for inclusion, we discovered that the
content in the database is valuable from a scholarly perspective, and from
that angle, we would very much like to include the records. The difficulty
is that the records contain very little bibliographic data (including
ISBNs), and lack both abstracts and the means to reach the full text. This
means that it will be very difficult, near impossible, for Primo Central
users to discover the BAS records. Also, a large portion of the records
represent print materials, as compared to digital resources, and our focus
is on electronic materials that direct the enduser to the full text. The
records of the Bibliography of Asian Studies, therefore, do not fulfill the
criteria by which we determine whether a collection is appropriate for the
Primo Central Index. We may revisit our decision in the future. "

David R. Faust, PhD
Librarian for South Asia and Middle East Studies
Collections Coordinator for Arts & Humanities and
Social Sciences & Professional Programs

Ames Library of South Asia Phone: 612-624-5801
S-10 Wilson Library Fax: 612-626-9353
University of Minnesota faust011@umn.edu
Minneapolis MN 55455

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