[consald] South Asia Archive on Meeting Agenda in Philly?

Hello CONSALDians,

I know the South Asia archive is not exactly new news at this point, but I was wondering if there would be interest in having one of their representatives come to our CONSALD meeting in Philadelphia. I had met with one of their reps, Laura Horton, at the Charleston Conference and mentioned that it might be worth their while to speak with us as a group and she recently sent me an email saying:

"We would be delighted to present at the CONSALD meeting if this is still felt suitable. As way of introduction we would like to offer 7 days access to the South Asia Archive to all those who will be attending the meeting - any feedback or questions about the product, we would then incorporate as part of the presentation. It would be great to speak further with yourself or another member about this and I can then make any arrangements. I'm happy to ring at a convenient time if you wanted to talk further?"

What do y'all think? Is there interest in having a rep come address our group as a whole about this product?

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