[consald] Tibetan Resources Working Group_10:30-noon and agenda item

Dear CONSALDers,

Pushkar has generously agreed to arrange a room on Thursday morning,
10:30-12 noon for the Tibetan Resources Working Group -- which I know
some of you attend when possible.

On the agenda is discussion of a possible revision proposal for the LC
Tibetan romanization table. The idea has been in the works for more
than a year, but gained momentum recently. Hopefully not too alarming,
the request is to revise the table so that Tibetan searches are
Wylie-compatible. This involves a change for just four letters, in
accord with long the most predominant international publishing
standard for romanized Tibetan.

If anyone is free for the morning meeting, please do come. Susan
Meinheit and I will be there with at least a few colleagues from
private libraries, including the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center.

In addition, if CONSALD members would like more information, I could
give a nutshell-description (even a 5-minute summary of the issues) in
the afternoon if there is time on the agenda.

I am cycling off of the JAS Book Review Editorial board (after
five-plus years) and will now be free for CONSALD meetings -- yea!

Lauran Hartley
Tibetan Studies Librarian
Columbia University

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