[consald] PDF collections and access; coordinated collecting?


Gary mentioned that Columbia is now planning to implement selective PDF archiving from the web. It is very encouraging to see that more research libraries are joining this trend of archiving academically useful documents and reports from the web and making them discoverable and accessible as library collections. I have been concerned about how much basically ephemeral content of this type is out there on the web for South Asian studies that has not been collected by libraries.

Starting six months ago, I began working with our digital scholarship library staff at NYU to implement a selector-driven thematic PDF archiving pilot project, built on the model of Princeton's two-year old web document archiving program (using the DSpace platform). My selections for the NYU project are based on the research and teaching interests of NYU faculty, in parallel with the SACAP-Coop subject commitments I made for NYU.

Beyond NYU, Princeton and Columbia, if any of your institutions are providing a means for you to collect South Asian PDFs, then perhaps we should form a group to share experiences, explore coordinated collection development and avoid duplication of efforts. I will be happy to follow up with any of you who are interested in this, for a possible future CONSALD project.

See you soon in Philadelphia,

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