[consald] Book available


I just found a copy of this book that was deaccessioned some time ago but
not disposed of. It is from 1950 and not widely held, so I wanted to offer
it to any of you before sending it off to the great library in the sky. If
you want it, reply with your name and address and I'll ship it to the first
respondent. If I don't hear anything in a week, its gone.


1.*Before and after independence; a collection of the most important and
soul-stirring speeches delivered during the most important and
soul-stirring years in India's history, 1922-1950.*
*Author: *Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1889-1964.
*Publication: *New Delhi, Indian Printing Works 1950
*Document: *English : Book
*Libraries Worldwide*: 18

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