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Re: [Consald-l] [Sacapcooperation-l] defective book from Delhi



We apologize for this inconvenience. We contacted our supplier and were informed that "non-defective copies" are available and we will be pleased to mail you one.



Laila Mulgaokar
Field Director
Library of Congress
New Delhi, India

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[Consald-l] defective book from Delhi


Dear colleagues,
I have just discovered that Princeton's copy of the book listed below is defective: it was printed with the following facing page-pairs printed blank: 228-229, 232-233, 236-237, and 240-241. If you have a copy of this book (WorldCat shows Penn and Cornell and others), could you kindly check your copy and see if it is complete or has the same defect. If it is complete, could you perhaps make good photocopies of these missing (blank) pages, so that we could tip-in the copies into our bound book? Alternatively, maybe we need to seek replacements from the publisher?

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[Consald-l] v. 2 of Old Testament translated into Bengali by William Carey and John Fountain



Columbia University special collections is discarding an extra copy of
ONLY VOLUME 2 of the following item. Any one want to claim it for their
collections before it is discarded? The extra copy that we are keeping
has a Bengali title page; the copy we are discarding has an English
handwritten title page.

Old Testament translated into Bengali

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[Consald-l] Are any of these available in the US?


They all seem to be available in the UK but not in the US...
Any leads would be appreciated.
David Hirsch

Alexander, E. Final Report on the Settlement of the Moradabad District [in English]. Allahabad: North-Western Provinces and Oudh Govt. Press, 1881.


The Census of Panjab, 1883 by Denzil Ibbetson (not the Rose compilation of later on)


The Punjab District Gazetteers, Ibbetson Series, 1883-1884

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[Consald-l] British intelligence on missionary activity 1900-47?


Does anyone know of some recently-released British government reports
related to government monitoring of missionary activity? Someone came into
the library today saying that they heard that some previously unreleased
reports had been made public and wanting to know how to find them.

David R. Faust, PhD
Librarian for South Asia and Middle East Studies
Collections Coordinator for Arts & Humanities and
Social Sciences & Professional Programs

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[Consald-l] 2014 Cooperative Collection Development Workshop for South Asian Resources



Building upon our recent Cooperative Collection Development Workshops (some background available here: with updates soon), we are beginning to plan for our 2014 workshop. For those seriously interested in participating (previous participation not required-we welcome new partners!), we have a super short survey to help guide our thinking about and planning for topics. Please see the survey at:

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[Consald-l] Employment opportunity


Hi everyone,

The University of British Columbia has an exciting opportunity at the
Asian Library for the position of Head of the Asian Library. Please see
the attachment for more information.


Sarbjit Randhawa,
Indic Librarian, Asian Library,
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC
Ph: 604-822-2162
Fax: 604-822-0650

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[Consald-l] CONSALD draft minutes Oct 2013


Attached are the draft minutes from our recent meeting. Please review at the earliest opportunity and make suggestions. I will consider these final November 29.


James Simon
Director of International Resources
Center for Research Libraries
6050 South Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 USA

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