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[Sacapcooperation-l] SA Cooperation: Access and Preservation Principles



Thanks to everyone for continuing to send in details about ILL
parameters and further indications of commitment to our cooperative
collection building. Let me share some updates and new deadlines to
keep us all moving forward towards our meeting in October.

As you'll all know from the initial proposed deadlines, August 1st was
to be the deadline for participants to share preliminary financial
commitments with the group. Since most of us did this while sharing
statements of institutional administrative support (most articulated

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Latin Americanists' cooperative collection 7/13/10


Hi all,

Fehl forwarded this announcement from the Latin Americanist's group--seems they're also rethinking cooperation, etc.  While they already have made great strides with LARRP's Distributed Resources and LAPTOC (initiatives we might want to explore at some point too), good to
see other groups thinking like us.
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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 23:31:47 -0400
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Romanization in bibliographic records: draft report 11/30/09


Of possible interest. BTW, the recommendations looked reasonable to me. Tim
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Subject: [OCLC-NON-LATIN] Romanization in bibliographic records: draft report

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ILL 7/8/10


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Subject: Re: [Sacapcooperation-l] next cooperative deadline--July 1st


Thanks to all who've been sending in the information about interlibrary loan policies and procedures at our respective institutions. It's been

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New romanization guidelines 6/23/10


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Subject: [Consald-l] New romanization guidelines, call for comments

I have been asked to post this document, already posted on CORMOSEA etc.  The address for comments is included in it.


Allen W. Thrasher, Ph.D.
Senior Reference Librarian and Team Coordinator
South Asia Team
Asian Division

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Comments re: OCLC / SACAP assessment I 6/16/10


Hi Bindu et al,

All great points. While I'm sure others will also chime in, I'll share
my quick thoughts.

Working through regional groups (perhaps even exploring SACEast, CIC and
SACWest) is an intriguing possibility. What do others think? I know
there were some struggles with these groupings in the past, but perhaps
we're beyond those now?

Government reports seem a good place to distribute responsibility,
especially at the state/regional level but for monographs, I'm not sure
that SACAP can help us (serials being another matter)--LC folks, am I

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next cooperative deadline--July 1st



Thanks to all for the continued participation and enthusiasm for
collaboration--we're really getting somewhere!

The next deadline encourages us to consider the impacts on and of
interlibrary loan as we begin to collaborate. We recognize that
individual institutional ILL policies and practices are intricate
working procedures. While those procedures are not directly under
consideration at this time, we do want to make sure that we've
considered the ILL angle as we move forward. As a reminder, at this

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Mary Rader re:OCLC / SACAP assessment I 6/14/10


Hi James,

Thanks for sending out this data and for encouraging us to think about
the particular rarity of the materials we collect. That the numbers
suggest that the duplicative/redundant nature of our collections is
diminishing over the past 10 years (figures 5-9) is particularly

On a related note, few years ago I used LC's "Report 13" to consider how
many participants were participating in particular profile categories.
To see the results of that project, please see:, which

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