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Subject: [Consald-l] FW: Gandhian Portal
Date: 2013-09-02 19:29
From: James Nye
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SUBJECT: Gandhian Portal

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Fwd: Re: [Consald-l] district/tehsil boundary maps of British India


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Subject: Re: [Consald-l] district/tehsil boundary maps of British India
Date: 2013-08-29 14:09
From: David Magier
To: Denise Hibay

Thanks all for these excellent pointers, which I'm passing along to our
researcher. As expected: there's plenty of ways to get fairly detailed
maps (including small administrative units and their boundaries) for
CURRENT India. What is hard (though apparently do-able) is finding such
maps from the British period.

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[Consald-l] district/tehsil boundary maps of British India


Dear Colleagues,

Could someone advise me on where one might find maps of British India showing district (and possibly tehsil) boundaries? I've seen plenty of print (and online) maps of great detail of India during the Raj, but I haven't located any explicitly with these boundaries. A researcher here is about to leave to start exploring archives in London for such maps, but if anyone has any bibliographic pointers to specific publications of maps or atlases to fit this need, they would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,
David Magier

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[Consald-l] 25 Urdu books available


For those of you who are not at an institution with a strong Urdu
language (especially literature) profile:

Columbia University Libraries received a donation of mostly Urdu books.
I have accepted and sent for processing those which were not already in
our collections, leaving 25 books which we already have. The donor has
given me permission to post to this list, offering the 25 remaining
books to another library.

The books all have a handwritten label "Naghmana Sheikh Collection" in
honor of the donor's mother.

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[Consald-l] 2013 Madison Cooperative Collection Development Workshop


For those who had inquired, this message will confirm that the 2013 Cooperative Collection Development Workshop for South Asian Resources will be held in Madison on Friday, October 18. As you recall, the theme of this years' workshop will be on communicating our vision, success, and impact. This year we invite all interested librarians to join in this workshop--including those who were unable to partner in previous years--as a means of broadly sharing ideas and gathering input. If you have not rsvp-ed to me, Mary, or Bronwen, please do so at your earliest opportunity.

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Fwd: [Consald-l] Fwd: Open data in India


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Subject: [Consald-l] Fwd: Open data in India
Date: 2013-08-13 11:09
From: Deepa Banerjee
To: consald


Press Release Watch: NIC and NASSCOM organized a Conference on “Open
Data Apps for Innovation in Governance” to encourage use of Open
Government Data [1]

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[Consald-l] CONSALD minutes - DRAFT


My "dog ate my flash drive," and I was unable to recover my meeting notes. Thanks to David Magier, I have prepared minutes from last March's meeting of CONSALD. Please submit corrections and additions to me by September 2, 2013.

James Simon
Director of International Resources
Center for Research Libraries
6050 South Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 USA

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[Consald-l] Madison meeting date this year?


Is there a confirmed date for the meeting in Madison this fall? Trying to plan as the schedules for the new academic year are quickly starting to fill.

Thank you for your help and time,

Lana Soglasnova | 416-978-0487 |
Slavic Cataloguing Supervisor
Liaison Librarian for Linguistics
Interim Liaison Librarian for South Asian Studies

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